Suntrial: A Game of Light Collection

Suntrial was featured at the 2011 Come Out and Play Festival on Governor’s Island.


 SunTrial is a fast-paced strategy game utilizing game pieces running on solar cells. Each game piece accumulates energy from the sun, powering a spinner. Teams run around monitoring and pressing the spinners on their team’s game pieces in order to try to get a higher score, or they go for the opposite team’s spinner in the hopes of sabotaging their score. Each round is timed, but of random length, which means every time you spin the spinner, you’re taking a gamble and hoping it’ll work in your favor.  Opposing team members can tag each other to stop them from tampering with the game pieces.

Rules of the Game

Objective: Two teams of light collectors, Orange and Blue, fight to get the most points across 5 sun disks by exposing them to sunlight.


5 checkpoints on a field arranged in an x, with a disk at each checkpoint.
There are 8 players, 4 on each team.
Each game round is timed.
Time is kept by a referee.
The Disks:

Each disk has an Orange and Blue side.
Each side has a solar panel and a score-keeping dial.
The sun-facing side collects light, which causes the dial to advance.
To change your score, expose your side of the disk to the sun.
The dial ticks up to 6, then goes back down, so watch out!
Check on all your disks by running around the playing field.

There is a tagging zone around each checkpoint.
You can tag a player on the opposite team while they are in the tagging zone in order to stop them from interfering with the disk.
When you tag an opposing player, you both have to leave the tagging zone!
You can’t guard the disks.
You can’t visit the same checkpoint twice in a row.


At the end of gameplay, the number on your dial is your point value for the disk.
Add up the total on all the disks for your final score.